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Based upon Anarchy
(Basada En La Anarquía)

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Who or what is BELA?
BELA is an anarchistic entity on behalf of the autogestion and the active thought (to carry out libertary and common benefit proposals)

BELA's objetives:

  • To encourage you to think and to organize yourself. When you think, you can analyze the environment where you live in and you notice that only a few people takes advantage of this system, which causes that they manipulate to the majorities for their own benefit.
    When you think you can also decide the road you want to follow and how will you do it (proposal).
    Organization will help you to take the proposal into practice and to obtain the results you want.
  • To make of each person an autogestive person. An autogestive person will be capable to take into practice the common benefit proposals and to propose this kind of actions.
  • Creation of anarchistic communities all over the world. The anarchistic community may be taken as initial proposal for the creation of a new system in which people will be really free.

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Last modified: January, 2000

In a free world there is no censure
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