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Based upon Anarchy
(Basada En La Anarquía)

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Cultural Market

We count on your participation every Sunday for doing this market, which main goal is to promote spaces and have an artistic, cultural and social expression forum where everybody can show his/her concerns.

On Ecatepec, Av. R-1 s/n col. Primero de Mayo between Bachilleres 19 & Col. Río de Luz.
If you take the bus that goes to jardines río de luz at subway station Indios Verdes, Letter A you must get off at the church of río de luz, and walk towards Bachilleres 19.
If you take the bus that goes to bachilleres -pirámide at subway station Moctezuma you must get off before bachilleres 19.
No violence! No indifference! No apathy! No drugs!
(All together to rebellion. All together to disobey. Let's make of fighting our way of resistance)

punk is not violence!

Pensamientos Unidos

11:00 hrs.

producing and promoting punk culture!

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In a free world there is no censure
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